DIY Creative Present Ideas for Friends and Family


With a few of my friends’ birthdays coming up in the next couple of months, I’ve decided to try and be prepared and plan out what I’m going to buy them! I made a brain storm of my ideas and thought it could be helpful to show some of my ideas below. Some of these can be bought whereas others involve more DIY-ing and creativity!


1. Photo Frame

This is really easy but the effect can be very precious especially since it is a personal gift into which you’ve put creativity and love. You could include a photo of you and your friend/family member or instead a photo of a place they love or something to match the theme of their bedroom or living room. Photo frames are pretty easy to come by and are now often for sale in supermarkets and even charity shops for affordable prices. If you want more of a DIY project, you could upcycle an old photo frame by painting it or decorating it in general.


2. ‘Open When…’ Letters

To make these, simply write on an envelope: ‘Open When…’ and add an occasion such as ‘when you miss me’. These are one of the most personal presents because you can add touches that only that special person can relate to or understand. I made a bunch of these for my best friend once and she truly appreciated all the time I had put into them. You can add all sorts of things in the envelopes including presents or photographs Β – basically anything you want. I really love these ideas that I found on Pinterest but there are plenty more ideas out there and even more that you could think of yourself!


3. Homemade Spa and Pamper Kit

This could include bath salts, homemade body lotion, a bath bomb, candles, hair or face masks, nailpolish and anything else your friend loves. Loads of recipes for homemade spa items can be found on YouTube and Pinterest. This will let them have a super relaxing pampering day with all they need already prepared for them and will be really fun to make or buy supplies for and will make the gift bag smell amazing!


4. A Personalised CD Mixtape

This can be a compilation of you and your friend’s favourite songs which you can listen to in their car on road trips or journeys. Songs often hold lots of memories, and if you find one of your CD mixtapes in a few years you’ll have loads of fun and laughs listening to all the music you used to love! You can decorate the CD case with photos of you together as well as the artists which are included in the mixtape and don’t forget to list all the songs and track numbers on the back!


5. Special Day Out Voucher

You can create a kind of voucher with a special day out with your friend written onto it. Some examples include; a restaurant meal, a shopping trip or a movie which can be payed for entirely or partially by yourself. This is a reason to spend more time with your friend and create a memorable day!

Comment below which one is your favourite idea!


2 thoughts on “DIY Creative Present Ideas for Friends and Family

  1. Love these ideas. The day out is my favourite, I think. One of my favourite gifts for me is to be taken to a bookstore and they buy me any book I want. So fun! Can also work for stationery shops too.


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