Creative Activities to Try When Bored

  • Song Quotes Collage

    Create a song quote collage using lyrics from your favourite songs. I used PicMonkey (a free website where you can find loads of different fonts and overlays), as well as Pexel (which has lots of free photos to use) to create mine. These can then be cut out and stuck in a notebook, as room decor or anything else you can think of! You could even try out the DIY link below to another one of my posts and use these collages with the peg DIY.Picture1

  • DIY Room Decor

Sometimes re-decorating a room can be super satisfying and the end result usually looks really good. There are plenty of DIY posts on Pinterest and Google but here is one of mine!Β You could try this DIY alongside the photo collage above.DSC_0009

  • Start a bullet journal/diary

Starting a journal or diary can be a great way of tracking what’s going on in your life at the moment. You could record recent events or memories from the last past months, like a music concert or road trip. Journals are great for just doodling or drawing as well as planning for the next week including up-coming events or meal plans. P.S. I will soon be uploading a post on my new bullet journal so stay tuned!DSC_0052.JPG

  • Make a list of places to visit this summer and research activities to do there

I’m going to Morocco this year on a climbing trip and so one of the things I need to do in the future is plan what I need to pack as well as research the towns we’re going to. You could set some goals for yourself or research sites to visit whilst you’re there. Even if you don’t go, it’s always fun to find out about different countries, cultures and historical sites.


  • DIY t-shirt makeover

It’s so easy to re-design an old t-shirt, all you need is a shirt and some scissors. Charity and second hand shops are full of retro tops at a cheap price, which are perfect for this sort of thing. You could try ripping, cutting and cropping shirts or even embroidering with embellishments such as

  • Try out some cool handwriting or presentation ideas

Just play around with different fonts and designs such as brush writing. Or you could even test out some embellishment ideas such as banners and washi tape.Β Click here for my post about handwriting and presentation ideas.


  • Doodle & Colouring Book for Adults

I have a few doodling and colouring books ‘for adults’ which contain loads of detailed designs to colour in. They are super relaxing to do whilst listening to music or watching a movie and are so satisfying when finished. One of my favourite books is called ‘Millie Marotta Animal Kingdom’ which can be bought for under Β£10, but there are so many more options out there in lots of stationery shops. Alternatively, you could create your own doodles or drawings and then colour them in.

  • Write a letter to yourself in the future

You could mention a ‘day in the life’ of you at the moment and then when you open it you will be able to compare it to your future life. What’s your favourite song/book/film/friend/celebrity right now? What are your life goals and aspirations at the moment?pexels-photo-269451

  • Write a short story

There are plenty of websites which help you find plot lines for stories, like a twin who takes the place of the other twin. You could give yourself a certain amount of time to write the story or give yourself a word count to fill. Alternatively, you could just do some free writing! Write about your feelings on a particular area of interest or current affairs topic, or is there someone who really annoys you? You could write about everything you dislike about them, or something you really love about someone else.pexels-photo-320265.jpeg

  • Recreate a favourite movie scene

This is something to try with friends or by yourself. Split the parts between yourselves or play all the parts – it’s your choice! You could incorporate costumes and props or even go outside to a park for example to recreate the scene. This could be a really funny and entertaining way to pass the time.cary-grant-rosalind-russell-ralph-bellamy-actor-53370.jpeg

  • Try out some crazy makeup or hair styles

New makeup trends are usually all over Instagram and Youtube with plenty of tutorials to show you how to achieve them. Why not go for a look you would usually never try out? You could take it a step further by trying out some temporary hair dye or doing feathered eyebrows.woman-morning-bathrobe-bathroom (1).jpg

  • Go for a walk and take some photographs

If it’s a nice, warm day, you could try venturing outside. Try exploring a new place or somewhere in town you’ve never been to before and take some photographs of what you find. It could be anything from plants and flowers to the different clothing styles people have or a mixture of anything and everything which interests you.



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