2 Photo Room Decor DIYS

I’m always trying to come up with new ideas or themes for my room – it often feels really cluttered or messy, unlike the rooms you see in magazines or in YouTube videos.

I usually decide to go on Pinterest and look at all these extravagant DIYS, which I end up pinning on a board devoted to crafts. (I tell myself I will one day actually try out these ideas but never really do). And by the time I’ve finished looking through Pinterest or Google, I’m usually too tired or just can’t be bothered anymore to even make the DIYS.

So, this time I thought; “hey let’s be creative and use my own brain…instead of that person on Pinterest’s” and you know, I’m actually pretty pleased with the results.

Hopefully, you’ll find these are unusual and different to others you’ve seen before and are pleasing to look at and read about (even if you don’t make them!)

  1. Photo Pegs

Such a simple DIY which looks pretty artsy at the end. All you need is…

  • Ruler/String
  • Pegs
  • Printer/Paper/Computer
  • Double-sided tape

I have seen this done by a few Instgrammers and on Google, so this isn’t completely original but definitely want to share it.DSC_0008

How it’s done…

  1. Decide where you want to put this. The size of the photos and the spacing between them can change depending on space. I personally have both of these DIYS on a blank wall but you could try it with a piece of material behind or other framed photos around it.
  2. ย Then head over to Google, Pinterest or Tumblr to find some artsy-looking or inspiring photos/drawings. I chose some photos of succulents, quotes from my favourite songs and some interesting landscapes. Make sure you choose images that will be fairly clear from far away…mine weren’t that clear so just play around with the size and filters of the images to achieve your chosen look or even add a Polaroid frame (which I did). Also consider the number of photos you want. I went with 9 because this makes a nice square and looks even. Print and trim these.
  3. Now using a ruler or piece of string, mark a faint line approximately where you want your top row of pegs and photos to be. Do the same along the vertical side of the square.
  4. Get one of your pegs and stick a piece of double-sided tape onto the back, just as far as the wire coil starts. Peel away the protecting paper from the tape and then stick, with the top of the peg touching the pencil line/string.
  5. Continue doing this with the rest of the pegs, ensuring the spacing is equal between each peg and the one next to it, as well as the one above it.
  6. Now you can add your prepared photos and voila it’s finished!


2. Clothes Hanger Photo Pegs

Seems kinda confusing and difficult but its not! All you need is…

  • Hook or nail appropriate for the wall of your choice
  • Hammer
  • Clothes hangers (as many as you’d like)
  • Blue tack (optional – just to keep the hangers in place)
  • String
  • Pegs
  • Printer/Paper/ComputerDSC_0004


There we go. I’ve seen a few vintage-looking DIYS involving clothes hangers but when I went back to look at them on YouTube, I couldn’t find anything apart from a few videos involving how to transform a clothes hanger into a toilet roll holder. So I gave up on magpying from other people and somehow came up with this idea. I knew I wanted to fill up some wall space and I had some nice old wooden clothes hangers. I also already had some pegs and artsy photos from the previous DIY and this was the end product.

How it’s done…

  1. Firstly, decide where you want this wall hanging to be – it can take up as much/little space as you want by adding or taking away the number of hangers you use.
  2. Then you can start by hammering a nail or special wall hook (which I used) in your chosen spot.DSC_0015
  3. Secondly, go onto Google Images, Tumblr or Pinterest and find some artsy photos or drawings. To add something unique and special, you could add a filter to your photos – I just kept all of them b&w. When you’re choosing the images, ensure that they will be clear even when shrunk. I also found a Polaroid frame which I put around each photo just to make it a bit more uniform. I went with varying photos and drawings such as a skyline, flowers, guitars etc. I loaded my printer and trimmed the photos.
  4. I had chosen to use two hangers but instead of using 2 separate hooks, I linked them together with some string. Either link with string or hammer another hook into the wall.
  5. Decide which photos are gonna go whereย and also how many you can fit on each hanger. I could fit 4 of my photos on my hangers, but this can obviously be changed by adjusting the sizes of the photos.
  6. Now you can hang the photos using the pegs!ย Once one hanger has been completed, the other is ready to hang from the string – I secured mine with some blue tack, but this is completely optional.

I am really happy with the way this turned out. Although this DIY takes a bit longer and requires a few more things than the previous one, I think it’s definitely worth it because it takes up quite a lot of wall space and is completely customizable to your room.




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